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FemArt is proud to bring awareness to our society of the great work created by women artists. Below you will see the artists who have joined our organization to have their work recognized and valued by viewers who visit our site. 


Please click on the artwork that interests you and when you click on the image or the name of the artist you will be connected directly to the artists' website to view more of their beautiful work.  Feel free to contact the artist directly to be added to their mailing list or to purchase any of their work.  If the art piece is in a FemArt exhibition you will be directed to purchase through the show so that we can continue to present Fine Art that gives visual voices an opportunity to be seen.  Please let the artist know how you found them and that our website is working for them.

If you would like to see your art and website link on this site we invite you to join FemArt and become a member of our incredible tribe of women artists who are being seen with their visual voices.  

Thank you!

femart gallery member artists

Pending Arrival of Artist's Image...

Debora De Farias

Pending Arrival of Artist's Image...

Mary McAllister.jpg
Mary McAllister
Shivani Singh balcony-garden-shivani-singh.jpg
Shivani Singh

member artists by name

Karen Alber


Robyn Andrews

Stephanie Andrews


Sandra Archer


Mary Atwood

Katie Bahn

Holly Blanton


Remedios Santos Bodin

Jennifer Bothast

Patricia Britto

Gillian Buckley

Ronnie Burak

Rebecca Campbell


Betsy Caplan *

Bronwen Chandler

Debora De Farais

Nofa Dixon

Maria Dugger


Annelies Dykgraaf


Danisha Edwards

Penny Edwards

Raquel Esquives

Julie Feldman

Deb Flagel

Judith Fox Goldstein

Tiffany Arteaga Gonzalez

Teresa Graham

Judith Fox Goldstein

Tiffany Arteaga Gonzalez

Teresa Graham

Sandra Harrington


Edmari Hernandez-Silen

Michele Katz

Dima Kroma


Leslie Kruzicki


Freida La Roche

Michele D. Lee


TommieRae Lovett

Roni Luebkert

Ilham Mahfouz

Cheryl McCaine

Mary McCallister

Gwen Mehler


Kimberly Miller

Dawn Inglis Montgomery

Linda Olsen

Suzanne Pickett

Brenda Schwend

Midge Scelzo


Shivani Singh

Leigh Sladen

Lisa Ullman

Linda Vacca

Cindy Zeigler

* Pending Art and Website