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Art Thoughts

Space...the Final Artistic Frontier

FemArt is exploring space for the month of September.  We are asking artists to share their creative space and stories with us so that we can offer creative ideas of how to make space a place for creative thoughts to transform into meaningful art.  Some art spaces are in the outdoors while others are on a make-shift table or kitchen table that shares the place with others for various functions.  We look forward to hearing how photographers, painters, sculptors and collage or textile artists use their space, what tools they find essential and what are the things that inspire them when they are in their space.  Where is your creative space? 

Please e-mail us at and put "Studio Space" in the subject line.

Linda Olsen

My studio space is also my happy place. It is filled with some of my favorite antiques and art books. I have my desk that originally belonged to my grandmother and that I used during high school and college, photos of my sons and family, my great grandmothers sewing basket  table and my old drafting table from when I was a Graphic Designer. There is just enough space for two large easels and all of my art supplies. I have organized them in labeled baskets and bins for easy access. It’s even more special to me since my husband built this studio in the backyard a decade ago. It is 10 x 14 feet with two skylights letting the natural light come in, four windows and a door with window light.


I can look outside into my garden and listen to the birds as I paint.
I feel strongly that every artist embeds a bit of themselves into each painting so it’s important to be in a good mood since happy energy shows in the artwork. Music is also a big influence in my painting experience...a little rock, country, opera, indy and reggae add to the atmosphere.
 As a full time artist, I paint at least 5 days a week so its important to have a space that is comfortable and inspiring. I am so thankful to have my little “She Shed” art studio.

Meagan Huerta

Hello my name is Meagan Huerta and here is a photo of what I like to call my “art hole”. I am helicopter flyin, motorcycle ridin scrapbooker. This art space used to be a laundry/hall space in this 1954 house but I made it my sanctuary. I dabble in home decor, poetry, helmet painting, video editing and messy mediums without names. 



 Huertie Birdie 

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