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artists listed by name

Please click on the name of the artist to link into the artists' portfolio found on their website or virtual location to see the artist's body of work.  We hope that you will follow and follow the many artists in our organization and visit their exhibitions.  Thank you for supporting these incredible artists.

Mary Atwood
Katie Bahn

Melissa Bashore

Heather Bishop

Lara Boglo-Price
Gillian Buckley
Betsy Caplan

Dr. Daljit Chhina

Nereida Cordero

Cookie Davis
Laura Dill
Nofa Dixon
Maria Dugger
Cheryl McCain
Mary McCallister
Gwen Mehler
Julie Feldman
Kristen Gasparino
Tiffany Arteaga Gonzalez
Sylvia Gortz
Kayla Grace
Teresa Graham
Lindsay Merwin
Kimberly Miller
Ahyanna Nakia
Linda Olsen

Jacquelyn Pfaff-Prat

Suzanne Pickett
Debbie Pounders
Deborah Reid
Jane Rodriguez

Cynthia Horn

Roselynn Imbleau

Tiffany Johnson

Donn Kirschenbaum

Dima Kroma

Marlene Scheer

Midge Scelzo
Brenda Schwend
Amy Seidle

Hidaya Selim

Shivani Singh
Rachel Smith
Kimberly Thomas
Michele D. Lee
Adrienne Tolbert

Salin Tojeiro

Danielle Wirsansky
Cindy Zeigler

FemArt Gallery, Inc. does not list any artists under the age of 18 years old.  This does not diminish the significant contributions of the younger artists, but their work will be shown in many of our art exhibitions and we hope that you will seek out their work to fully appreciate their extraordinary visual voices.

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