FemArt Gallery is aware of the importance of exhibitions for women to get their artwork seen and valued.  This is so vital to women artists that FemArt has exhibition opportunities written into our Mission.  We believe that the more the public sees women's art...the more it will be apparent that it is needed and valued in our society. 


FemArt offers various venues for exhibitions that have included business locations, libraries and virtual shows.  FemArt is so grateful for the recent support of space for the next two years provided by The Nest Coworking, LLC, located at 476 Riverside Ave., Jacksonville, Florida.  We look forward to supporting and lifting many incredible visual voices in this space and hope you visit after the official opening on August 1, 2022.

Annual Members Only Exhibition

March 17 - September 2, 2022

This wonderful annual event celebrates the artwork of our FemArt members who directly contribute to our success as an organization.  These are the visual voices of the women artists who we dedicate our organization to elevate.

We are especially excited to exhibit this special event in our new home nest located at
476 Riverside Ave., Jacksonville, FL 32202

This space is provided to FemArt Gallery by The Nest Coworking who graciously provide all of the wall space throughout their new location that offers workspace for the entrepreneurs, creators, small businesses and all businesses that look for that special location with a full business access to work, meet and plan for success.

Please visit this great space that houses GREAT art after the official public opening on
August 1, 2022
Monday - Friday between 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Artists in this Exhibition

Karen Alber

Sandy Archer

Mary Atwood

Mel Bashore

Holly Blanton

Jennifer Bothast

Patricia Britto

Julie Burleigh

Rebecca Campbell

Bronwen Chandler

CT Cummins

Laura Dill

Crystal Dombrosky

Annelies Dykgraaf

Danisha Edwards

Penny Edwards

Julie Feldman

Caitlin Flynn

Judith Fox-Goldstein

Kristen Gasparino

Marsha Glaziere

Kayla Grace

Sandy Harrington

Nadia Harris

Marsha Hatcher

Edmari Hernandez

Mary Joan Hinson

Cyndi Horn

Emry Hurt

Kim Hurt

Paula Hutsell

Roselynn Imbleau

Tiffany Johnson

Dr. Daljit Kahr

Michele Katz

Donn Kirschenbaum

Cathleen Klibanoff

Dima Kroma

Leslie Kruzicki

Shaw Lane

Michele Lee

Deborah Lightfield

TommieRae Lovett

Mary McAllister

Cheryl McCain

Lindsay Merwin

Kimberly Miller

Dawn Inglis Montgomery

Sally Mourad

Ahyanna Nakia

Debbie Pounders

Deborah Reid

Midge Scelzo

Marlene Scheer

Kendal Schmidt

Amy Seidle

Shivani Singh

Leigh Slayden

Rachel Smith

Stacy Streeter

Wendy Sullivan

Meredith Sullivan

Norelle Walker

Danielle Wirsansky

A special thanks to those who donated to this exhibition and supported this very important event in Jacksonville, Florida.

Honorable Contributing Artists who donated additional funding for this event -

Leigh Slayden

Deborah Lightfield

Amy Seidle

Leslie Kruzicki

Paula Hutsell

Michele Lee

Wendy Sullivan

Rebecca Campbell

Dawn Inglis Montgomery

CT Cummins

Midge Scelzo* (Above and beyond contributor)


Sponsors that we want to support because they support women artists...


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