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Artist Disclosure Statement


Answering a Call to Artists with FemArt is not just promoting your work but also contributing to FemArt's mission to support and promote all women artists. 

We ask for a registration fee for our shows that is tax deductible as it is reinvested to support our shows and grow our efforts to give women a visual voice in our culture.  (If this is a factor that will keep you from joining our exhibit we ask that you request a financial waiver or special circumstances so that we can get your voice seen in our shows without a financial burden.  E-mail us your request for consideration if life is presenting unusual challenges for you right now and we will be happy to offer support.)

FemArt Gallery, Inc. also takes a 30% commission from the sales of artwork that is in our shows.  The artist may claim the 30% commission as a donation because it is reinvested into our gallery space and helps to pay for wall repairs of the gallery venues and the operational expenses of our nonprofit organization.  This is not a fee that can be waived and we ask that artists price their work with this consideration.

INSURANCE - FemArt Gallery, Inc. and all venues for art exhibits do not provide insurance for artwork that is exhibited.  We highly recommend that every artist have their work insured for damage or loss during a Femart event.  FemArt Gallery, Inc. is not responsible for any damage or loss of artwork in transit or exhibition timeframe.  The venues we hold art shows are also relinquished from any responsibility for any damage or loss of artwork. 


Thank you,

FemArt Exhibit Committee 

and Board of Directors

I have read and agree to the terms of this Disclosure Statement.

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