FemArt Gallery is a tax-exempt, not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) organization founded in March 2017. Its goal is to cultivate, promote and support the work of female-identified artists by providing exhibition opportunities, educational programs, and community outreach that invite conversations about the vital contributions of women artists today and in our history. FemArt welcomes the participation of people of all gender expressions and orientations as artists and program participants, members and supporters.


You are key to helping us get these women artists at the table and easels. We need funds to build our gallery and classrooms in the heart of Jacksonville, Florida. 


Your donation will go towards operating expenses that support exhibits, art programs, supplies, and employ art degree college graduates in their field of study.

Just Be Cause...


Many women artists face traumas due to sexual abuse, depression, anxiety, violence, pay disparity, gender bias and many more emotional blocks that challenge and often cause creative paralysis. FemArt asks for financial support to provide free art therapy to many women who can otherwise not afford healthy options to clear a path for artistic expression that ultimately gives her a voice in our cultural identity.  Your funds directly contribute to the therapy sessions and allows this to be a free service to women in need.

Women of Color in the Arts creates the most needed conversations today that helps people to understand the dual marginalization of women of color.  Funding this cause creates an educational opportunity for the videos created in a three part series to be delivered in classrooms in Jacksonville, Florida and Southern Georgia.  Your donations contribute to a certified teacher who is on this panel to be paid to deliver a curriculum that addresses systemic racism in the arts and helps to teach critical thinking and understanding for students.  We believe that the course should be free but our teachers should be paid fairly and valued for their contributions in cultivating a better society through education.

Exhibition opportunities are very important in supporting women artists.  Although women make up 52% of working artists women continue to only get 17% of gallery space in the United States.  There are even less opportunities for solo shows.  There is a direct link to the low visibility of women's artwork to the pay disparity.  FemArt feels that this exhibit visibility is so important that when facing the closing of so many galleries during the COVID 19 pandemic we have gone virtual and have developed even more visibility and awareness of so many amazing women artists.  Your funds help support the monthly fees and covers registration of artists who are financially struggling during the pandemic and many are single mothers who need funding to afford membership and have access to exhibition.  Please partner with us in helping women get art exposure and increase the value of their work.

Every nonprofit organization needs an operation fund that supports the marketing material, staff, phones, insurance, legal, financial support and all of the much needed expenses to run the nonprofit.  Your donations in this account help in the overall support of women artists and is essential to the growth of FemArt Gallery.  These funds will also help to finance our future studio spaces that will have a childcare facility in-house that will allow women artists to be both parents and great artists!

get involved

Donate your time, we are always in need of great volunteers who are committed to making positive changes in our society. We also love interns and are willing to train in curating, fundraising, marketing, and a myriad of other fields that create rewarding opportunities to serve.

FemArt appreciates foundations that share our dream to cultivate a better society...

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FemArt Gallery, Inc. is so proud to receive the Community Foundation's Board of Trustees award of a grant for $2000.00 in support of our educational program "Women of Color in the Arts Speak." We are planning on launching in two Duval schools our program that will lift young artists by hearing women of color in the arts speak in their classes on the subject of dual marginalization and will share how they found a path to become amazing artists today. FemArt is especially grateful for the grant made from the Delores Barr Weaver Grassroots Grants Endowment at The Community Foundation for Northeast Florida. We strive to lift all women's voices in the Fine Arts and by doing so will cultivate a better society.

GREAT Businesses that Support Women Artists... 

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Businesses that support artists through venues for exhibitions and food providers...


The Wine Bar at Jax Beach


                     Honorary Donors                              

Many thanks to Our Golden Donors -  Over $500 donated to FemArt Gallery
Alet Robert                             Delores Grubbs                           Nofa Dixon

Thanks to these wonderful people who have made our organization grow...
The following people have donated through GoFundMe.​
  • RebeccaBextel 
  • The Bush Family*
  • Sandy Harrington* 
  • Edmari Hernandez  
  • Meagan Skinner 
  • Nicole Miller*  
  • Jeffrey and Penny Marks*
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  • Brenda Bartlett*
  • Michael & Judi Goldberg* 
  • Steven Schwartz  
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  • Marjie Rogozinski   
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  • Stephanie Andrews
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  • Brian and Karen Alber
  • Mark Brady  
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  • June Brady  
The following people have donated through Facebook Network for Giving - and many more who gave but names are not provided in the checks received by Network for Good on Facebook but are most appreciated. 
  • Frieda Saraga *
  • Judith Fox Goldstein and Husband
If you have donated and your name is not listed we need to know you have donated to our organization as we want to send you a thank you and add you on our wonderful donation page. 
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Many have donated checks and through other donation venues and we want to know your names if they are not listed below:
  • Cali Girls who donated to Education Fund
  • Michele D. Lee who donated to Education Outreach Fund
  • Arlington Childcare in 2017
and we must give great thanks to the women artists who have joined our membership and contributed to our organization in more ways than we can ever fully express our appreciation.  
*These were large donations and repeated donations.  Many thanks!

We extend our gratitude with much respect and appreciation to all those who have volunteered and answered our call for assistance with exhibitions, education programs and our many needs for helping support women artists!

Thank you!