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Edmari Hernandez Silen


This conversation of women artists of color and how they view themselves as artists is an important conservation because there are more and more women of color that are pursuing degrees and exploring their art. Originating from Puerto Rico and growing up in a military family, I had the privilege of being exposed to many arts and cultures through travel. My parents were very adamant on earning an education. They did not have the opportunity to study and so they encouraged me in continuing education in college doing what I love most, art. My mother's and father's words of advice when I graduated high school were, "If you are going to study art, do it well, do it right, and become a master at it." I am now the first generation of my family to not only earn a degree in college but to also have completed a Master of Fine Arts. Like myself, many more female artists and female artists of color are pushing through the boundaries of the art world and making their voices heard.

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