Viewing Instructions

This exhibition uses keyboard maneuvering to virtually "walk" through the gallery.  
Your up, down, and side arrows will assist you in viewing the art pieces individually, and as a collective on the walls. 

"Vivid Women - A Celebration of Yayoi Kusama's 92nd Birthday"

March 8 - May 1, 2021

Artist to See in this Show - 

Judith Fox Goldstein

Nadia Harris

John Merwin

Wendy Means

Elena Killgore

Robyn Andrews

Penny Edwards

Kimberly Miller

Deborah Lightfield

Bronwen Chandler

Alarie Gibbs

Ilha Mahfouz

Emdari Hernandez Silen

Sandy Harrington

Leigh Slayden

Dawn Montgomery

Ronnie Burak

Lidsay Merwin

Arianna Fisher

Lora Farid

Marlene Scheer

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