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our mission

FemArt is proud to support and promote women in the visual arts.  We promote awareness to the importance and vital presence needed in our cultural balance that must express all voices in our society.  We care deeply in the growth, productivity and well-being of women who choose to express themselves through art.  Although women have made significant gains in society, gender inequalities are still preventing many women from being valued for the myriad important contributions they offer in their visual voices. FemArt is committed to advocating for gender equality and cultivating a better society.


We recognize that gender inequalities are deeply connected to other areas of disenfranchisement, social injustices and oppression in our society. Therefore, our programs and services strive to value and promote respect for all differences. This means that women and men and people of all races, cultures and sexual orientations are welcome to submit artwork and participate in all activities and events of FemArt Gallery, Inc.

Thank you for visiting our site and for doing your part to help cultivate a better society.

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Click the image below to read the recent Arbus magazine article on our new FemArt Gallery Space!


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Interested in learning more about how you can support FemArt Gallery?  Visit our donor hub and see what efforts we are currently leading to support women artists and how your donation can help.

 FemArt launches impactful educational outreach program


FemArt Gallery proudly launched our outreach program, "Women of Color in the Arts Speak" on Monday, November 29, 2021, at Sandalwood High School.  Our first speaker, Cheryl McCain, shared her personal journey as a professional artist with over 35 students who were offered a one year membership with FemArt to gain more access to art classes, mentorship, exhibitions and portfolio building.  

Our second speaker was Danisha Edwards who engaged her own art class in an open discussion about her own career.  Her class sat in awe of this teacher sharing her personal art journey and showing the class samples of her sculptures.  This program proved that representations can have a profound effect on our students who are aspiring to become artists but don't often see artists who look like themselves.

If you are interested in getting involved and helping FemArt to make a positive difference in our society please consider volunteering for the Outreach Committee, donate art supplies, raise funds for this nonprofit, join our Board of Directors and Chair one of our many committees available, or be a speaker/representative for Women of Color.  We welcome all who want to make a positive impact on our culture and community.


opening soon!

IMG-2708 (2).jpg

No longer a distant vision...

FemArt Gallery is so excited to announce our new gallery home:

476 Riverside Ave.

Jacksonville, FL 32202


This is a space where Women's Visual Voices can emerge -

watch this space for updates!

This vision is made possible by the visionaries, Christie Radney and Patricia Orange of  The Nest Coworking - helping people find their space to work.


Stay Tuned for Updates on Opening Date....

welcome FemArt girls!   

Nadia Harris - President, FemArt Girls

Nadia Harris FemArt Girls.jpg

FemArt is so proud of our newest leader - Nadia Harris.  Nadia is the President of FemArt Girls.

This new membership offers young artists who are between the ages of 10 and 18 opportunities to build portfolios and skills that will increase their likelihood for admission into art schools and colleges that will enhance their art careers.

Nadia has been with FemArt for over a year and has made an incredible splash in our FemArt pond.  She is confident, bold and exudes passion for her art...and that is why we are so pleased to announce her as the President of FemArt Girls.

in the media 

W.A.V.E showcases work from both emerging and established women artists living and working in the airport's seven county service region. Kimberly Miller, Founder and Executive Director of FemArt Gallery joined us with more details along with Jen Jones Murray,  JAA Art & Culture Program Manager for the Jacksonville Aviation Authority and Coordinator for JIA Arts Commission’s Art Program.


Please advance the recording to 37-40 for the exhibit recording to hear the interview stated above.

W.A.V.E. Exhibit rides the radio waves...
Radio Show

in the media 

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