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501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization


​Why you should join FemArt:

  • Discounts on member exhibits to get your work seen by the general public

  • Camaraderie with other women artists who share your passion for self expression

  • Educational and skill building opportunities

  • Association with a professional group of artists

  • Growth opportunities

  • Opportunities to share your own experiences to benefit others

  • Cultivate a better society by bringing awareness of women's contributions to our culture and society

  • Develop art business skills and promote your own art

We believe these are very good reasons to join our organization. We hope that you will join us as we continue to grow our organization and build the first one-of-a-kind women art gallery that supports women with childcare and studio spaces as well as art therapy. These unique support proposals will help the many talented women artists who must face obstacles that stand in their way of being successful artists who contribute to our cultural identity. 

membership levels

  • All memberships includes a listing with art image and website for visitors to see your portfolio

  • Your membership fee is tax deductible since FemArt is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization  



Artist is exploring and building skills and business of being an artist. Has not sold art or the value of art has been for less than $100.  

Free seminars, classes, talks, and workshops. Earn $5 credits towards registrations for each class or workshop. No credits earned for talks or seminars.  

Annual Fee




Limited exhibition experience but has sold an art piece for more than $100 but less than $500. Seeks networking opportunities and more name recognition in the art arena.

Annual Fee




This artist has experience in art exhibits and galleries and has sold art pieces for more than $500. She has a professional portfolio and wants to expand her name recognition.

Annual Fee