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Winter 2020 Curriculum


WEEK ONEDrawing 101 Basic begins with learning what tools are essential and understanding the difference between a sketch and a drawing.  Lessons on how to hold a pencil and create a sketch without an eraser.  A pencil gray scale chart will be created and a charcoal value chart will be created.  This art class is so much fun and essential as a foundation for all art classes.  We begin with a basic self-portrait and develop sketching and drawing skills that will develop lines, shadows and forms that are rendered with understanding and choosing the right tools.   Students will utilize pencils and charcoal to bring a flat object into a 3 dimensional object that will be FUNdamental to realism.  This all happens with our perspective and how we look at the most mundane subjects and create extraordinary works of art. 


WEEK TWO - Pastel


WEEK THREE - Painting 101  - Watercolor Painting is so much more than putting colors on a canvas.  The color wheel is introduced and discussion of Primary, Secondary, Tertiary and Complimentary colors. Each student will explore their subject matters from their drawings from previous class and learn to transfer a drawing onto the canvas.

Acrylic Painting is so much more than putting colors on a canvas.  The color wheel is introduced and discussion of Primary, Secondary, Tertiary and Complimentary


WEEK FOURPhotography  - Subjects are chosen and captured on phone cameras or family cameras.  This is a very exciting opportunity for students to learn about photo manipulation for color effects and black and white contrast with lighting.


WEEK FIVE - Presentations and Talks  - This is when it gets exciting!  Pursuing a career in art means you need to talk about your style, influences and technique.   From all the classes till now you will have many exercises in the vocabulary and lots of practice so don’t sweat this part.  We will practice writing artist statements and discussing our favorite parts of art.   A special guest speaker will attend this class and give pointers to prospective artists.


WEEK SIX - Portfolio – A professional portfolio is essential to all artists.  There are various kinds of portfolios such as digital portfolios that you maintain and update on a website or on a thumb drive to submit for exhibitions and then there are hard copies that can be shown in person.  All of the portfolio options will be provided along with management of personal portfolios.

FemArt Youth Art Program Registration
Student Information
Parent/Legal Guardian 

Please list all medical alerts.  Allergies or medication requirements must be listed along with a primary physician contact name and phone number.   If there are any special health concerns that require special accommodations we need those restrictions or needs to be listed in this box below.  The information should include any health conditions that include emotional, mental or needs for special requirements for wheelchairs or any other needs.

**Assumption of Risk and Release: (All participants and a parent/guardian must sign)

In agreeing to participate in the program, as a participant or as a parent or a guardian of a participant, I and/or the participant do hereby affirm that the general health of the participant is good, and that the participant is capable of performing an activity of this nature. In consideration of participating in this activity, I and/or the participant do hereby assume all risk of any injury to the participant and will indemnify and hold harmless, from any and all liability, action, cause of action, claims, and demands of every kind or nature whatsoever that I and/or the participant have or which arise from or in connection with my participation in this activity including FemArt Gallery, Inc., Designated Venue and property/facility utilized by this after school art program and all their officers, agents, employees, staff, volunteers and successors. It is likewise assumed and agreed that the participant will, at her own expense, wear the proper clothing and protective equipment during the activity, and that it is the responsibility of the participant or parent or guardian to make sure the criteria are met. I understand that field trips or visits to local art museums will not provide transportation and that I will be responsible for transporting participant listed on this page.

**Photo Waiver: Permission for my child to have their photo taken during the after-school Arts Program for the purpose of the After School Arts Program’s promotional and fundraising needs - in newspapers, posters, post cards, flyers, website, After School Arts Facebook page, fund raising letters, and After School Arts registration forms.


The FemArt Gallery After School Arts program is open to all teens ages 13 to 19 years old.  This program has limited seating so that each student is provided with professional artist mentors and lessons that are tailored to promote each student’s art skill needs.  This is a six-week program that is held for two hours once per week. 


The cost for the program is $120.00 per student.  Students are eligible for free admission if their school does not provide an art program or they meet financial needs.  Payments are accepted by check after approval of application.